The Tiger's Bride is released today

The Tiger's Bride

The Tiger's Bride, a new screen print by Clive Hicks-Jenkins is available from today. The print draws on Clive's love of Staffordshire Pottery.

"The strangeness of it appeals to me. It’s a uniquely of these islands combination of folk-art/fairytale/dream-world weirdness that always satisfies/disturbs me. The sheep and dogs are the size of ponies in comparison to the human figures accompanying them. The theatrical fancy-dress makes it seem that the handsome men and pretty women are on a stage. Then there are the Staffordshire ‘murder cottages’ and the penny-dreadful tendency to celebrate awful events, most notoriously the escaped tiger with a limp baby dangling from its jaws striding over the prone body of the mother from whose arms the child has been torn. The child-like brightness coupled with horror is unlikely and yet compelling."

Taking his inspiration from the Staffordshire figure group Death of The Lion Queen, Clive's print is available now. 

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