Dan Bugg established the Penfold Press in 2005 and has gone on to work regularly with a small group of creative talents to produce beautiful editioned prints that are sought-after by collectors and art lovers alike. 

Dan acts as both publisher and printer and it is this dual role that has allowed him to support and develop printmaking with a small group of likeminded artists. Working alongside Dan the artist is encouraged to develop a sense of playfulness and explore the creative possibilities of printmaking. This has resulted in a body of work that shares a sense of joint endeavour and a celebration of the collaborative process.

“I feel that one of the great strengths of the Penfold Press is this sense that we are all in it together, artist and printmaker working as one to develop and realise an idea. The studio itself isn’t a huge commercial space, instead it’s a place where artists, family and friends often come together. This sense of family enhances the feeling of togetherness and offers an alternative to commercial printing”.