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Bored Teenagers

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John Broadley

Screenprint. Signed by the artist.

Edition size: 95 | Image size: 355mm x 480mm |  Paper size: 387mm x 517mm

Bored Teenagers is the fourth in John Broadley's sequence of prints that explore our musical heritage and recalls the rebellion of the late 1970s. 

While disaffected youths have always existed, by the end of the 1970s, bored by the endless noodling of prog musicians and chart pop, they forged a sound that would outlive its first wave.

Punk music’s initial burst originally centred on central London, despite eventually going global. Legendary clubs such as The Roxy, The Marquee and The 100 Club became hubs for a new fashion, music and attitude, inspired by the nihilism of a generation that felt forgotten. In just two or three short years, punk spawned the likes of The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned, with a wider geographical second wave a few years later gifting the world The Jam, Joy Division, The Cure and more - as the term ‘punk’ became part of the UK’s language and heritage.

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