Emily Sutton's Alphabet


In the summer of 2010, the Penfold Press commissioned Emily Sutton to create a print series based on the letters of the alphabet. The resulting images reflect Emily's fascination with the world around her, her childhood memories of the Yorkshire landscape and her interests in folk art and antiques.

"When working on my Alphabet Series I begin by choosing a subject for the relevant letter. I find inspiration in books, exhibitions, films, travel, conversations with friends, being outside, walking around a new city, old shop signage, antique shops and many other places!

I then do a series of small scale roughs to figure out the composition and the key elements I want to include. Once I'm happy with the overall composition I use a mixture of pens, Chinagraph crayon, Indian Ink and Tusche to make the separations on drafting film, one for each of the colours I would like to print. Because I'm working in layers it’s possible to juxtapose areas of very flat, graphic colour with line and more tonal marks - so I try and make the most of these possibilities.

I work on prints in several stages, but I suppose if I condensed it down I must spend up to four solid weeks on a print."

These beautiful screen prints have become sought after by collectors and art lovers alike.


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