Ed Kluz

Ed Kluz is an artist, illustrator and printmaker. His work explores and reimagines historical landscapes, buildings and objects. He has a particular interest in the development of British decorative arts and architecture.

His work draws upon the ideas and spirit of English Romanticism as a means of expressing perceptions of the past and a sense of place. He is particularly interested in the eccentric, uncanny and forgotten - follies, lost country houses, ruins, fragments and folklore provide an ongoing source of inspiration.

As a designer and illustrator Ed has received commissions from St Jude's fabrics, the V&A, Birlinn Books, Faber, John Murray publishers, Little Toller Books, and Random House.

Ed was born in 1980 and grew up in a remote hamlet in Swaledale, North Yorkshire where his parents restored a ruined farmhouse which sparked an interest in historical architecture. He studied fine art at the Winchester School of Art between 1999 - 2002. 

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