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Fruits of Our Labour

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Fruits of Our Labour by Clare Curtis. Screen print, signed by the artist. Edition size: 75, image size:  60 x 40 cm (approx), paper size: 72 x 50 cm.

Summer arrives at the allotment, and the waiting is over. A woman harvests runner beans as fast as she can, while the chard, with its thickly ridged ruby red stalks and fleshy green leaves almost seems to grow before our eyes. Raspberry canes are heavy with fruit and the brassicas are pushing through their improvised cages of upturned hanging baskets. Functional tools, the wheelbarrow and the watering can, blend with the beauty of riotous growth and sheer abundance. The solitary white chair will remain empty for the next few months. There’s no time to spare for sitting down.
Fiona Cumberpatch

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