• Working with Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    Bella Vista, screen print by Ed Kluz

    Bella Vista, screen print by Ed Kluz

    Since 2012 I’ve been lucky enough to have collaborated with the wonderful team at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to produce a range of limited edition screen prints. As Retail Programme and Development Manager at YSP Amanda Peach has built a fantastic reputation for innovative exhibitions that also give each of the artists the opportunity to explore design solutions whilst developing products for the YSP shop. Working with a number of artists who have developed their printmaking at the Penfold Press, the exhibitions highlight our overlapping interests and I’m proud of the resulting prints we made together.

    The prints were produced for various exhibitions between 2012 and 2017 and they include work by familiar Penfold Press artists Mark Hearld, Emily Sutton, Angela HardingEd Kluz and Jonny Hannah. Alongside these prints are two well established artists who were new to the Penfold Press, Angie Lewin and Alice Pattullo.


    Summer Shore, an original print by Angie Lewin.

    Summer Shore, screen print by Angie Lewin

    Angie and her husband Simon have been friends ever since the beginning of my time as a printmaker, firstly through their friendship to Mark Hearld and then as supporters of our work through their hugely successful St Jude’s gallery. Summer Shore, a screen print produced as part of the Editions and Objects exhibition of 2016, was our first print together.


    Of House and Home, original print by Alice Pattullo

    Of House and Home, screen print by Alice Pattullo

    Alice Pattullo is an artist whom I have admired for some time. Since her graduation from Brighton University in 2010 she has gone on to develop a distinctive visual language that incorporates elements of British Folk traditions and superstition. I’d wanted to work with Alice for some time and this project gave us the perfect opportunity to do so. Working with both Alice and Angie was a delight and the resulting prints have a sense of some of the fun we had whilst making them.

    I’m delighted that all these prints have now been added to the Penfold Press online gallery and I hope you find something you like. Find out more by clicking on any of the links within the artists names above.

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