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    The exhibition, Ed Kluz, Ink and graphite on paper, 2010


    One of the best things about being printmaker is the collection of proofs and other 'oddments' that you gather over the years. At the Penfold Press all printers proof's, sketches, doodles, colour trials and experiments are gathered together in a plan chest draw.  Two such examples can be seen here. 

    The first is a quick sketch from 2010 by Ed Kluz that outlines an idea for a pub sign. At only 10cm in height, the design is part of a series of thumbnails that developed the composition and positioning of the typography. Images like this are invaluable when developing prints and are often used for reference long into the printing. As sometimes happens, this sketch was never fully developed into a finalised print, so it remains as a tantalising glimpse of what might be. 



     'Untitled', Mark Hearld, Monoprint on paper, 2003


    The second is an early mono printed doodle by Mark Hearld that was made for fun whilst waiting for ink to dry. It’s an example of the playfulness Mark brings to the studio and his compulsion to make imagery. Made in 2003 this quick image shows the development of some of the motifs that Mark would develop over the coming years and acts as an interesting forerunner to his later prints.

    You can find prints by both Mark Hearld and Ed Kluz at

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