• I is for Ice Cream. Emily Sutton's next Alphabet print is here.


    I is for Ice Cream, Emily Sutton, Screen Print on paper, 2014.


    An exciting week at the Penfold Press. Well, as exciting as it gets in small village within North Yorkshire. Not only is the studio construction nearing an end but Emily Sutton’s new alphabet print is finished. ‘I is for Ice Cream’ is the ninth print in the series and looks set to be every bit as successful as last years ‘H is for Horse and Hound’. From a printing prospective ‘I is for Ice Cream’ represents Emily’s most ambitious print to date. Consisting of eleven hand drawn stencils, the print beautifully layers the delicate Gelato inspired colours to stunning effect.

    When I spoke to Emily about her inspiration for the new print she talked of her childhood memories of eating 99’s on sunny days out in the park, as well as more recent trips to Venice. Here, Emily was drawn to the amazingly decorative signage of many of the Gelaterias (whilst sampling plenty of ice cream of course). Emily visited the studio earlier in the week to sign the completed edition and 'I is for Ice Cream' will be available on my website from today.

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