• A glimpse inside the studio with Alice Pattullo


    Alice Pattullo visited the studio a month or so ago, to begin work on a new screen print for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The edition will be available exclusively from YSP and will be launched at the opening of her show Of House and Home. Having caught a glimpse of Alice’s new work while delivering the finished prints, I can say without a doubt that the show will be worth a visit. Alice’s playful images explore the grounds of the sculpture park while taking the viewer on a journey into the heart of the home.

    Working with Alice was a real pleasure. As part of the promotion for the show, YSP has produced a short trailer that captures Alice and me working in the studio. Through the magic of film, we create the finished print in under a minute, not bad for a slow worker like me.

    I’ve been lucky enough to work with YSP on a number of occasions, going back to Mark Hearld’s successful 2012 show. Since then I’ve gone on to make five exclusive prints for YSP and helped contribute work towards shows including Emily Sutton's, Jonny Hannah's and Angela Harding's. Opportunities like these allow me to work with new artists and add a different dynamic to my studio days. Working on this print was great fun so get yourself along to YSP and check it out.



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