• New work 2015

    2015 looks set to be a busy and exciting time at the Penfold Press. Over the coming months I start work on a number of new prints and projects, some with old friends and some with new.

    The first of these projects is a new print by Emily Sutton based upon a parade of toys. The print has been reworked over the last month with the addition of new colours and layers. With the work now complete Emily is due to sign the print this week so keep checking the Penfold Press website or our Facebook and twitter pages for updates.

    After that will be the next in Emily’s alphabet series ‘K is for Kittens and Knitting’. Following on from ‘J is for Jug’ and Emily’s sell out show at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, ‘K is for Kittens and Knitting’ will no doubt bring a little warmth to the cold winter months. Emily has completed the eight stencils needed for each of the colours and work starts on proofing the image next week.

    February see’s the return of Mark Hearld to the Penfold Press and the beginning of a new Lino cut. Over the years Mark and I have worked together to produce a range of prints that incorporate Mark’s love of nature and his interest in printmaking. It’s great to get him back into the studio and working on a new print and if you want to see some of our past efforts you can do so by clicking on Mark’s name within the artist section of this website. If you’d like to find out more about Mark’s prints you could always check out the fantastic ‘Mark Hearld’s Workbook’ published by Merrell.

    Later in February Angela Harding will be working at the studio to produce her first screen print with the Penfold Press. I’ve been an admirer of Angela’s work for some time now and I’m greatly looking forward to working with her to develop this new image. It’s always exciting to be working with new artists and I’m sure Angela will bring something new to the studio’s growing catalogue of work.

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