• A first look at Emily Sutton's new print.


    Emily's preparatory drawing

    There is always an air of excitement when new work comes to the studio and when Emily arrived on Friday with the beginnings of three new screen prints I couldn’t help but look forward to getting started. I’m often asked how the prints are developed and if they are based on another piece of art, a painting for example? Well, the answer is 'no' and to a certain degree 'yes.' Each new print is different but hopefully the photo’s below will help explain the process to those who are unfamiliar with original printmaking. 

    It is often useful to make a preparatory sketch that develops the composition and some of the smaller elements that will be explored in the finished image. As with all the prints made at the Penfold Press, no pre-existing piece of art has been photographed or reproduced to create our print. In this case, Emily has roughed out the detail of the image and explored some of the colour combinations that will occur. It is from this sketch that the print will be based.


    Making the positives that allow us to print Emily's images



    Drawn on drafting film, the image shows the four hand-drawn stencils that will be used to create the finished print. Each of these layers is drawn directly onto the transparent film with a mixture of materials. Using the preparatory sketch as a guide, Emily has produced one stencil for each of the four colours she intends to use. Although each of the stencils is created in either black ink or an opaque red, the final image will be printed in any colour of Emily’s choosing. Sat on top is the last colour, one that Emily has labelled red/brown.


     Our initial colour experiments.



    This image shows some of our early colour experiments, dabbed out onto a piece of paper with fingers and thumbs. The colours that Emily used on the preparatory drawing gives a basic guide when mixing and to this Emily always brings a strong sense of the tone she requires.


    The finished colours, mixed and ready for the proofing process.



    Now all that is left to do is to process the screens themselves and make the first initial proof. Once complete, this proof will be the first time that Emily will see the four stencils printed in their chosen colours, one on top of the other. Keep checking the Penfold Press blog or our Facebook page to see that first image and for details of its availability.

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